Digital ID Card Management System

An easy-to-use dashboard to manage your ID holders


Mobile ID Lab is simple and secure. Here’s Why…

Design an entire Digital ID issuance program for your organisation, simply and securely.

Customize your design

Create your own design or select from our Mobile ID templates. Manage multiple ID cards designs.

Bulk import from CSV

Import .xlsx file with provided step-by-step guidance and add all your ID holders in one go. Alternatively, you may add ID holders one by one

Activate/ Deactivate instantly

Administrators can access the ID holder management dashboard securely through the Mobile ID Lab web-based portal. Activate and deactivate ID holders instantly

Delete Instantly

An administrator can simply choose to delete the ID holder and the account will be deleted permanently

Scannable Barcode

Issue ID holders with unique Barcodes/ QR codes as required.

Fixed Values:

Only the program administrator can manage variable details (Name, Unique ID, Mobile number, email ID, images, etc.). The ID holder can not alter secure information via the Mobile ID Lab app.

Security Features

Mobile ID Lab provides a range of security features to choose from including the following:

Set expiry date for your ID holder

Program administrator can select expiry date for your ID holder and the ID card will not work after that time.

Live Screen

Mobile ID Lab provides optional Live screen feature which allows administrators to identify the non-live ID cards (screenshots).

Continuous Authentication

Every time your user wants to access your premises or wants to authenticate for security purpose, they’ll have to verify themselves by their 4-digit PIN or our strong facial recognition.

Encrypted Data Storage

Mobile ID Lab data is stored encrypted and securely on the cloud in Australia. At no time does Mobile ID Lab have any access to any customer data.

Two factor Authentication

Program administrator can choose to verify ID holder before presenting ID card by PIN or Facial recognition.

Data storage

Mobile ID Lab data is not being shared with any other country. Your data will stay in Australia at all the times.

Steps to issue ID card


Want to start issuing digital ID cards?